2018 Award Competition Entry Instructions

Award Programs

The CASE District III Award Programs recognizes the very best in advancement across the Southeast.  This year we have 58 award categories and eight CASE National Platinum awards.  


CASE District III Special Recognition Awards: no charge

CASE District III Awards: $40 per entry

CASE National Platinum Awards: $125 (winners automatically advance to national competition)

How to Enter

The competition opens August 15, 2017. Once the competition is live, review the list of categories, and click on the link listed under each category that you wish to enter.

All entries must be submitted online on the CASE website, using your username and password to login. If you do not already have a username, you will need to create an account.

Some categories encourage supporting materials to be mailed directly to judging coordinators. Please send three copies of your materials to the judging coordinator. Many categories only allow online submission of materials.

Entries must have been produced or executed between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. This means that approximately 75% of the work for a project should have taken place during this timeline.

Entry Tips

  • Before submitting your application, update your CASE profile through the main CASE website.
  • List all projects completed during the eligibility period. Choose the best one to submit.
  • Know the details of the project. You will need to provide the project title; a brief overview; the objectives; the budget and staff resources used; the outcomes; and URLS and passwords, if applicable. (See the nomination form for more details.)
  • Many entries require the uploading of supporting materials. Request the necessary JPGs or PDFs from your graphic designer in advance.  File sizes are limited to 50MB each.
  • Plan ahead to allow time for physical documentation to arrive before the deadline.
  • Take time to accurately and completely explain your project. Don’t rush to complete your entry.
  • While working on an entry, you can save it to work on later.
  • An entry can only be completed through one person’s account; the system cannot connect two separate individuals to one entry.
  • Submit your entry early! Avoid missing the deadline due to system overload.
  • We suggest you complete the answers to the entry questions in a Word document and copy and paste your answers when you're ready to submit your entry. 




Entries must be submitted by November 15, 2017.

Awards Committee

Jennifer Brost
Director of Annual Giving and Research
University of Alabama - Huntsville

Ashleigh Fowles
Assistant Director of Major Gifts
Lynn University

Ron Wilson
Senior Development Officer - Corporations /Foundation Relations
Western Kentucky University