Innovative Ideas Grant


In 2015, the CASE District III Board created the Innovative Ideas Grant as a means to support fresh and innovative programming ideas within the District III membershipThrough CASE District III’s Innovative Ideas Grant, we are able to invest in collaborative professional development programs for Advancement colleagues and their institutions. This funding is meant to provide a catalyst for ideas and events that strengthen our work, strengthen our institutions, and benefit our CASE III institutional members. This initiative is a complement to the funds that are directed toward priorities designated by the District III board.  


Typical grants range from $500 - $5,000 and are available through the Innovative Ideas Grant. This account will be used for any monetary needs associated with new initiatives approved by the CASE III board. Grant applications are reviewed three times a year following application deadlines of January 15, April 1, and July 15 at midnight CT.  The Innovative Ideas Grant Committee reviews applications and seeks board approval at the three CASE III board meetings a year held in February, April and August.


All applications for the Innovative Ideas Grant will be given thorough consideration.  Successful applications will meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Impact on a number of District III professionals;

  • Opportunities for professional development of District III members;

  • Indication of collaboration between District III member institutions;

  • Programs that enhance what is generally offered at the District conference and supported by the District III strategic initiatives. 


  1. Complete the application for Innovative Ideas Grant prior to the deadline (January 15, April 1 and July 15 - by midnight CT).

  2. Applications reviewed by the District III Innovative Ideas Grant Committee and presented to the District III board for final approval.

  3. Grant recipients contacted and awards announced.

  4. Grant recipients will coordinate the marketing of their programs with District III.

  5. Within 30 days following the use of the funds, grant recipients must provide a written report of the uses and impact of the funds. This information will be made available on the website for future applicants' reference. 


Ashley Privott, Chair, New Innovative Ideas Grant